Home Visits

Updated on 28th September 2016 at 8:00 am


Consulting at the surgery allows access to computerised records, equipment, nursing staff and the dispensing system all of which make consultations more effective, thorough and safer. For these reasons we ask our patients to come to the Practice if at all possible. Only the very ill or housebound should really require a visit at home. However, we will visit you at home if your condition means you cannot attend one of our Surgeries.

If you need a home visit please ring before 10.00am if at all possible and let us know if your condition is urgent. 

Our duty doctor is responsible for home visits, as such, patients needing a same day home visit will not be able to request a particular GP. All of our GPs have access to detailed medical records.

There may be occasions where it is more appropriate for another GP to visit, but this will be assessed by the duty doctor.

As a general rule we would not visit children, as in most circumstances they can be brought to the surgery.