Blood and Urine test Result

Updated on 10th September 2018 at 8:30 am


Getting a blood test
If  you need to come in for blood tests you can book an appointment with our Health Care Assistant or Practice Nurse.  We offer a range of times, including early morning appointments from 8.15am for those who need to come in for early morning bloods or you need to get off to work.

Getting a urine test
If a Doctor or Nurse has asked you for a urine sample, please bring it in to Surgery before 11am on the day it is done. Please make sure specimens are labelled with the sample date, which clinician requested the sample, your name and your date of birth.

The urine sample will be screened for sugar or infection in the Practice but it may be necessary to send it off to the Laboratory for further investigation.

If you were told that the sample is to go to the hospital laboratory then there are several rules to follow.

The sample must be mid stream, passed the same morning it is brought in to surgery, into a sterile bottle which can be obtained from reception. Please label it with your name, date of birth and date.

Please note that the laboratory does do routine pregnancy testing, however, fast reliable tests can be purchased at the chemist.

Your results
Results of urine and blood tests can take about seven working days to come back from the laboratory. The person ordering the test should tell you whether you need  to make an appointment to come back, or whether you should phone for your results.

If you require us to give your results to another family member we MUST have your consent to do this for each test carried out.  Please let us know at your consultation that you consent to having your results given to someone other than yourself and we will record this in your medical records.  If we do not have your consent we will be unable to give any test results out.

Please phone after 11.30am for results
The Doctors are not able to view results until after they have finished morning Surgery so if you ring before 11.30am you may have to ring back again at a later time.  The doctor needs to read and interpret each result first. The receptionist will be able to tell you if any further action is required but is not qualified to discuss the result with you. Should this be necessary, please make an appointment to come in and see your doctor. Alternatively you might book an appointment for the doctor to ring you.

Please avoid ringing for results on a Thursday between 1.00pm and 3.00pm as we have staff training at this time

Accessing your results on Line

Test results can be accessed online through Patient Access.  You can access this system 24 hours a day and saves you having to call the surgery to ask for your results and you can also request your medication or book a GP appointment.

If you would like to register for this service please ask at Reception for a registration form.