Fit Notes

Updated on 9th September 2018 at 9:59 am


It is not necessary to obtain a sick note from a Doctor unless you have been absent from work for more than one week.

The first week

If you are off work for up to one week you do not need a sick note but you do need to inform your employer.

This means you can either write a letter to your employer or, if you prefer, there is a form you can complete and hand back to your employer. (SC2) 

After one week
Once you have been off sick for more than 1 week you can obtain a sick note from a doctor (Fit note).

Please only request a fit note on the day or after it is due. The GP cannot pre date a fit note, they can however back date if required so there is no urgency to requesting a fit note.

The most efficient way to request a Fit Note is by completing an eConsult which you access by clicking the link on the website homepage. This allows you to submit all the information the GP should require to complete this for you.

If you are unable to complete an eConsult please telephone reception and give them the required details.

Private certificates
If you require a private certificate please ask at reception.  Charges may apply.