Registering with us

Updated on 7th June 2019 at 2:54 pm


The Practice welcomes new patients who wish to register with us.

Register before you need us!
Many new patients only register with us when they have a medical problem.  Medical records can take some time to be transferred, we strongly recommend that you register when you move into the area rather than wait until you are unwell.   

New Patient Registration Health Check 
When you register with us you will be offered a  GP appointment, this is particularly important if you have any long term health conditions.
Please bring any medication that you are currently taking and your latest repeat prescription print out to this appointment and also a fresh urine sample.

How to register with us
If you would like to register with us,   Please print, complete and return all the required documentation as listed below or come along to either Surgery and we will give you a registration pack for each person you would like to register.

NHS registration form (GMS1)
This allows us to request your notes from your previous GP practice.  We require your 10 digit NHS number to register you with the Practice; you may already have a medical card with your NHS number on but if not this can be obtained through your previous GP.
Your place of birth, previous address and GP details are also required to enable us to process your registration.

Notification for Health Visitor
If you have children under the age of 5 years, we ask you to provide details for our Health Visitor.

New Patient Health Questionnaire  or 
  New Patient health Questionnaire (under 16)
Please complete a form for each person registering with us.
This provides us with important information about your current and past medical history.

NHS Summary Care Record information leaflet :
Please read this leaflet and complete the opt out form ONLY if you do not wish to have a summary care record. opt out form

Care. Data Information leaflet:
Please read this leaflet and complete the opt out form if you do not wish to be includedopt out form

Out of Area Registration If you move out of our Practice area you may be able to stay registered with us although we could not make home visits to you. Please discuss this with us if you wish to stay registered as an Out of Area Registered Patient. We will explain the procedure for registering as an Out of Area Patient and how to obtain urgent medical assistance should you need a home visit.

Online Access
If you would like sign up for online access so that you can book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view test results online, please bring in two items of identification when returning your registration forms to us. (One item confirming your home address and one item of photographic id) If you would also like to have access to your medical record this can be applied for once you have been registered with us for six months.  You must make a request for online access in person; online access cannot be requested on your behalf. 

It would be most helpful if you could avoid peak times (8.30-11am and 3.30-5.30pm) when returning your forms. This will enable us to check your documentation thoroughly to avoid delay in processing your registration.