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Our Practice

We serve a community of 3600 patients, many living in rural locations. We have surgeries in both Humshaugh and Wark villages and patients can attend either.

Our most recent CQC inspection was carried out on 5th March 2019.  Click here to see the inspection report.

The Team

Our team is made up of four GP’s, Practice Nurses, Community Nurses, Midwife, Podiatrist, Dietitian, Health Visitor,  Nursery Nurse, Admin, Reception, Dispensing staff and Practice Manager.


We offer a full range of General Practice services with regular surgeries, Monday to Friday.

Our surgeries are by appointment only. We have urgent “book on the day” appointments available at both sites each day. Please call 01434 681281 to make both routine and urgent appointments.

Care Navigation
There may be times when you approach the Practice for help, but more appropriate help may be better provided elsewhere.  You may find that our GP’s will direct you to our Reception team for advice as they have been trained in care navigation and will be best able to suggest appropriate or alternative organisations that are better able to help you.

We offer clinics for maternity, child health, family planning/women’s health, diabetes, dietetic, podiatry, asthma and respiratory diseases, heart disease, minor surgery and health checks for men and women. To view in more detail click here: Clinics

Dispensing Service

We have an onsite medication dispensing service (based at our Wark site with daily delivery to Humshaugh) for those who live more than a mile from a chemist  and  a dispensing service is available for acute medication requirements during consulting sessions at Humshaugh.

Home Delivery Service for Medication. If you are unable to collect your medication from the Surgery we have drop off points at Barrasford, Acomb and Fourstones and we can also offer home delivery.  If you would like your medication delivered to one of our drop off points or your home, Please contact the Surgery to register for this service.  Our delivery service takes place on a Tuesday and Friday. If you request home delivery, please ensure that there is someone available to receive your medication. For safety reasons we can not leave medication unattended and it will be returned to the Surgery for collection.

Hadrian Extra Care Hub – Corbridge
Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm Saturday 9am – 5pm

If you are find it difficult to attend an appointment during the working day, the Hub offers pre-bookable, routine appointments with GP’s, Nurses and Health Care Assistants.  This service is for general practice issues, not urgent care.  To book an appointment, please ring us on 681281

Patient Participation Group

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) meets annually and maintains contact via email”. This enables us to keep in touch with patients’ views and share proposed changes and current practice issues.  We aim to reach out to different groups within the community, for example, our practice nurses have attended first schools and WI meeting to provide information on chosen topics. If you would be interested in arranging such a session for a group you are involved with please do get in touch”

If you would you be interested in joining our PPG, please let our Reception team know next time you are in surgery, or contact our Practice Manager Kate Lowe kate.lowe1@nhs.net or telephone 01434 680003.

If you have any comments about our website, negative or positive, or you have any suggestions on how we can improve our Website, please contact Katherine on 01434 680005 or e-mail us at norccg.HumshaughWark@nhs.net

Text Reminder Service

We now have a text reminder service for GP and Nurse appointments. If you are happy to use this service, the reminder will be sent to you two days before your appointment if we have a mobile telephone number on your medical record.

If you are not sure if we hold your current mobile number, when you call to book your appointment please ask for your number to be checked, updated or added to your records.

If you wish to opt out of this service, please let us know so we can code your records accordingly.


Booked surgery sessions

Morning and afternoon surgeries are by appointment at both sites. Please phone 01434 681281 for an appointment.

There is no evening surgery at Wark on a Tuesday or Thursday.


Urgent appointments

We have urgent appointments available each morning at Humshaugh and Wark where you can ring on the day and book an urgent appointment if necessary.

These appointments are for acute medical conditions that require same day attention and we would ask that for non-urgent or follow up appointments you book a routine GP appointment.

Hadrian Extra Care Hub

If you find it difficult to attend an appointment during the working day, the Hub can offer you pre-bookable, routine appointments with GPs, nurses and health care assistants between 6pm and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am till 5pm on a Saturday.

If you wish to be seen at the Hub, contact our Reception team as appointments need to be made through the Surgery. You will be asked for consent to share your detailed GP record with the clinician providing the care.

This service is for general practice issues, not for urgent care. If urgent care is required outside our normal opening hours, call NHS 111 for advice.

If you need to cancel this appointment, call us at the Surgery and we will do this for you.

Corbridge Clinic
Newcastle Road
NE45 5LG

Patients can access GP appointments at Village Surgery in Cramlington on Sundays mornings and on Bank Holidays. These appointments can be booked directly by ringing 01670 337737 between 12:00 – 16:00 on Saturdays and between 09:00 – 11:30 on Sundays and Bank Holidays.


 GP consulting schedule 

GP consulting hours are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and holidays

All sessions are by appointment

Humshaugh Surgery

Monday am


Dr Hayley Wright

Dr Beth

Monday pm Dr Beth Gregory-Smith
Tuesday am


Dr Hayley Wright

Dr Mary Neeson

Tuesday pm Dr Hayley Wright

Dr Mary Neeson

Wednesday am (rota) Dr Jack Blissett

Dr Beth

Dr Hayley Wright

Wednesday pm


Dr Hayley Wright
Thursday am


Dr Hayley Wright

Dr Mary Neeson

Thursday pm
+ Late surgery
Dr Jack Blissett

Dr Mary Neeson

Friday am


Dr Jack Blissett

Dr Beth


Friday pm


Dr Jack Blissett

Wark Surgery

Monday am Dr Mary Neeson Monday
Late Surgery
Dr Hayley Wright
Tuesday am Dr Jack Blissett  

Tuesday pm


Wednesday am Dr Mary Neeson Wednesday pm Dr Beth Gregory-Smith
Thursday am Dr Jack Blissett Thursday pm Closed
Friday am Dr Hayley Wright Friday pm Dr Beth


Telephone Consultations

If you need to speak to someone urgently you will be directed to the GP on duty for the day.

If you would like to speak to a particular GP about a routine/ongoing /non-urgent matter, you can be booked in for a telephone consultation.

Please note, if you wish to speak to a specific GP, this may not always be possible on the same day. Please ensure you are available to take your call 30 minutes either side of your booked telephone appointment time.


Extended opening until 19.30.

We hold late Surgery sessions until 7.30pm at Wark on a Monday and at Humshaugh on a Thursday. These surgeries are by appointment only.

(Please quote your NHS Number where ever possible when you contact us)


Appointments on line (Patient Access)


Surgery appointments can be made online.  You can access this system 24 hours a day and a selection of available appointments can be viewed and booked without having to ring the Surgery.  Please ask at Reception for a registration form.

Under the terms of the 2014/15 GP contract, patients registered for Patient  Access are now able to view specific parts of their medical record – medication, allergies and adverse reactions.

Patients who are registered with Patient Access but do not wish to have access to this additional facility should let the Practice know ASAP.

Patients are reminded that login details and passwords should be kept safe and secure and not shared with anyone.

Guide to using patient access

IOS devices (Apple) 

Android Devices

Windows devices


Each of our Surgeries is accessible to patients using a wheelchair, though not all the rooms inside.
If you are a wheelchair user, please let the Receptionist know when you make an appointment.



We can arrange interpretation and translation services in person or by telephone for patients who may require it.  Please let us know if you need this service when booking an appointment.



If you would like to be accompanied during a sensitive examination, some of our Reception team are  trained to offer a chaperone service.  Please ask at reception when you book your appointment if you would like to be accompanied.


Doctors Appointment slots

Normally appointment slots are in 10 minute intervals.  We try to focus on one important problem in each consultation to avoid mistakes, confusion and to ensure the issue is properly addressed.  However, If you feel you need to discuss more than one health issue it would help us greatly if you could ask for a double appointment slot.  This will give you and the Doctor more time for discussion, and may save you having to make a further appointment.

Dispensing Practice

We are a dispensing Practice. If you live more than a mile from a chemist we can dispense medication to you. You can then collect your medication from either Wark or Humshaugh Surgery.

Medication drop off points

We deliver medication to various drop off points in Barrasford, Barrasford Park, Acomb and Fourstones each week on a Tuesday.

Home Delivery Of Medication.

If you are unable to collect your medication from the Surgery or from our drop off points at Barrasford, Acomb and Fourstones we can now offer a home delivery service.

If you would like your medication delivered to either one of our drop off points or your home, Please contact the Surgery to register for this service.

Our delivery service takes place on a Tuesday and Friday. If you request home delivery, please ensure that there is someone available to receive your medication. For safety reasons we can not leave medication unattended and it will be returned to the Surgery for collection.

If you take long term medication you can request repeat prescriptions in the following ways

(Please quote your NHS number where ever possible when you contact us).


Repeat Prescriptions On-line


These requests come directly into our clinical system making it a safe and speedy process.  Please ask at reception for a registration form if you do not already use Patient Access for on-line appointments. (please note this system replaces our current system of E-mailing requests).

Patients registered for Patient Access are now able to view specific parts of their medical record – medication, allergies and adverse reactions. If you wish to have access to this information, please bring 2 forms of identification along to the Surgery and ask our reception team for a patient access form. This can take up to six weeks to process.

Patients are reminded that login details and passwords should be kept safe and secure and not shared with anyone.

Guide to using patient access

IOS devices (Apple) 

Android Devices

Windows devices

By telephone 01434 230986
If you wish to order medication, discuss a medication request or have a dispensing query you can call our dedicated medication request line.  The line is answered Monday to Friday 08.30am till 12.30pm. At all other times there is an answer phone available. Please speak clearly, leave your name and also, preferably your unique identification number found at the top right hand corner of your printed prescription.

Please ensure you dial correctly and hear our message before leaving your request. It is important that you state your patient identification number and remember to itemise each drug required individually. This will ensure that you receive only the drugs you require and prevent any waste.

In person
Use the printed medication sheet that you get in your prescription bag and tick the items you wish to collect.  Then, leave this list in the post box provided in the waiting room at either Surgery.

Repeat Medication Requests

Please can we ask that all requests for repeat medication are made at least TWO-THREE working days before you need to start taking them.
This will enable us to have all your medication ready for collection and may save you having to come back if you arrive for collection too early. Ideally, you could request repeat medication when you start your last weeks supply. Messages left after 3.00pm on our prescription request line are accessed by our Dispensers the next working day and will be ready for collection two working days after they have been accessed.


Prescriptions can be picked up until 7.30pm on a Monday at Wark or Thursday at Humshaugh.  If you wish to take advantage of this later pick up time, please tell us when you order your medication which Surgery you would like to pick up from at the later time.

If you have an exemption certificate or pre-payment card, you will need to produce this each time you pick up medication from the Surgery and you will be asked to complete the back of the prescription form.

If you collect your prescription from a Chemist, you should make your request at least a week in advance to allow for postage and dispensing time.

Urgent medication requests

In the case of emergency requests you will normally be given two days supply of the medication you require but each situation will be dealt with on an individual basis and must be authorsied by a GP.

Past Medication

Requests for medication that you may have received in the recent past but which is NOT on your repeat medication print out list will need to be authorised by a doctor and will inevitably take LONGER than 48 hours to organise. Please allow us enough time to meet your request.

Practice Policy on prescriptions for patients from outside providers.

As dispensing doctors we are allowed to dispense medicines our GPs prescribe for our patients. From time to time patients will be prescribed a medicine by someone other than their GP. If you are seen at an outpatient appointment and the doctor you see wants you to commence a medication immediately they will provide you with a prescription (for a minimum of 7 days) and will advise you to take this either to the hospital pharmacy or to a community pharmacy to be dispensed for you. It is important you take this to the correct pharmacy as bringing it back into surgery is likely to delay you starting this medication. (We would require up to 48 hours to, request this from the GP, order the medication, dispense and check it). Hospital and community pharmacies often keep more wide-ranging stock and so could fill this prescription promptly for you.

Should the clinician you see recommend a new medication goes onto repeat, they will inform the surgery of this either by letter or using an ‘outpatient treatment recommendation’ form after which we will be able to organise this for you. If you have had a new medication started in outpatients you should be advised to wait at least 7 days before contacting the surgery top enquire after the new medication.

We cannot dispense private prescriptions from other providers or dental prescriptions for you; you should always take these to a community pharmacy.

Prescription Charges

From April 1st 2018

Prescription charges will rise to £8.80 per item

Prescription Pre-payment Certificates
3 month pre-payment certificate will cost   £29.10
12 month pre-payment certificate will cost  £104.00

(if buying a 12 month certificate you can spread the cost over 10 months by Direct Debit payments)

You can collect an application form from the Surgery or apply on line

Private Prescription Charges

For prescriptions not available on the NHS, charges will apply.  Please ask at reception for current  private prescription charges


Out of Hours Pharmacy

If you are issued with an out of hours prescription or need an emergency supply of medication the following pharmacies have extended opening hours.(providing limited cover out of hours)

Tesco Hexham:
Monday to Friday:                  6.30am  to  10.30pm.
Saturday:                                7.00am   to  10.00pm
Sunday:                                 10.00am  to  4.00pm

Wellway Morpeth: 

Monday to Saturday:             7.00am to 10.00pm
Sunday:                                  8.00am to 6.00pm

Sainsbury’s Cramlington:  

Monday to Saturday:             7.00am to 11.00pm
Sunday:                                  9.00am to 4.00pm

*Please note that  if you require an emergency supply of medication you may be  charged even if you do not normally pay for your prescriptions.

The Practice welcomes new patients who wish to register with us.

Register before you need us!
Many new patients only register with us when they have a medical problem.  Medical records can take some time to be transferred, we strongly recommend that you register when you move into the area rather than wait until you are unwell.   

New Patient Registration Health Check 
When you register with us you will be offered a  GP appointment, this is particularly important if you have any long term health conditions.
Please bring any medication that you are currently taking and your latest repeat prescription print out to this appointment and also a fresh urine sample.

How to register with us
If you would like to register with us,   Please print, complete and return all the required documentation as listed below or come along to either Surgery and we will give you a registration pack for each person you would like to register.

NHS registration form (GMS1)
This allows us to request your notes from your previous GP practice.  We require your 10 digit NHS number to register you with the Practice; you may already have a medical card with your NHS number on but if not this can be obtained through your previous GP.
Your place of birth, previous address and GP details are also required to enable us to process your registration.

Notification for Health Visitor
If you have children under the age of 5 years, we ask you to provide details for our Health Visitor.

New Patient Health Questionnaire  or 
  New Patient health Questionnaire (under 16)
Please complete a form for each person registering with us.
This provides us with important information about your current and past medical history.

NHS Summary Care Record information leaflet :
Please read this leaflet and complete the opt out form ONLY if you do not wish to have a summary care record. opt out form

Care. Data Information leaflet:
Please read this leaflet and complete the opt out form if you do not wish to be includedopt out form

Out of Area Registration If you move out of our Practice area you may be able to stay registered with us although we could not make home visits to you. Please discuss this with us if you wish to stay registered as an Out of Area Registered Patient. We will explain the procedure for registering as an Out of Area Patient and how to obtain urgent medical assistance should you need a home visit.

Online Access
If you would like sign up for online access so that you can book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view test results online, please bring in two items of identification when returning your registration forms to us. (One item confirming your home address and one item of photographic id) If you would also like to have access to your medical record this can be applied for once you have been registered with us for six months.  You must make a request for online access in person; online access cannot be requested on your behalf. 

It would be most helpful if you could avoid peak times (8.30-11am and 3.30-5.30pm) when returning your forms. This will enable us to check your documentation thoroughly to avoid delay in processing your registration.