Updated on 22nd May 2018 at 10:15 am


Diabetic Team

Practice Nurses: Christine Counsell, Nicola Patterson and Gudrun Heslop

Assistant Practitioner: Val Scott

Katherine Dixon (Senior administration)

Joanna Cooper (Dietitian)

Steven Anderson (Podiatrist)

Dr Hayley Wright




Diabetes is a serious disorder in the way the body regulates blood sugar. This is usually related to a combination of obesity and genetic inheritance. The raised levels of blood sugar tend to damage blood vessels in any of the organs throughout the body, affecting for example the eyes, heart, brain, nerves, kidneys and feet. Diabetes used to be one of the leading causes of blindness and end stage kidney failure. We now know that if we control diabetes well (and control blood pressure and raised cholesterol which tends to go hand in hand) we can prevent many of the complications which might otherwise occur.

The care of patients with diabetes is focused on multidisciplinary clinics held at the Humshaugh surgery. These involve the nurses who are trained in diabetes management liaising with Dr Wright and include a dietitian and a podiatrist, creating a one stop shop for annual review of patients with diabetes.

Monitoring for problems with the eyes is also important and is performed by retinal photography. We hold clinics throughout the year  to which patients will be invited annually, by appointment, through the Retinal Screening Service. (or more frequently if there are problems).

We invite patients to the clinic at least twice a year. We will often see patients much more frequently depending on how much help they require to achieve perfect management of their diabetes.

The whole system is co-ordinated by Katherine Dixon at Humshaugh Surgery, who many of you will already know. Any one of our team will be happy to help if you have any problems or queries.