Travel Care

Updated on 5th May 2015 at 11:00 am


Available at both Humshaugh and Wark Surgery

(By Appointment.)

We can provide up to date advice on travel and vaccination requirements.  Some vaccinations are mandatory for travel to certain countries.

Some vaccines require more than one dose so where possible please contact the Surgery 6 to 8 weeks prior to travel.

Last minute travellers should still seek advice, vaccines given late are better than no protection.

Please request a travel vaccination form at the Surgery or you can print the document below.

You will need to make a half hour appointment with one of our Practice Nurses to have any necessary vaccines.


(please return this form to us as soon as possible)

Please ensure you make an appointment for travel vaccines well in advance of travel dates.

Details of travel itinerary will help us provide you with the advice and protection you need whilst abroad.

Individual advice and information will be prepared by the Nurse for your journey.


Useful Web sites for travellers

Health Protection Agency:

Department of Health     :



Malaria is a serious disease that is transmitted by mosquito bites.  It can occur in many tropical destinations.  There is no vaccination available, so prevention consists of a combination of preventative medication.  Anti-malarial medication is provided by the Surgery on a private prescription.





Paludrine (pack of 98 tablets) £13.50
Larium (pack of 8 tablets) £26.00
Avloclor/Paludrine Travel Pack
(2 weeks supply)
Malarone (pack of 12 tablets) £45.00
Doxycycline (100mg x 50 tablets) £9.00
Avloclor 250mg (20 tablets) £2.20